Wedding Venues & Wedding Service Providers

These are just some of the wedding venues, wedding planners and event coordinators we have worked with:

Sound Extreme has worked at all of the local wedding locations

Sound Extreme has provided entertainment at wedding venues in all of Western North Carolina, Tennessee, Upper South Carolina and Georgia. We have provided DJs and live music at more distant destination weddings too.

We understand the benefits and restrictions of all of the available wedding locations. We already understand any restrictions, such as space allowances, noise restrictions and time-of-day noise level ordinances.

Some churches and synagogues have rules about the music that may be used.  We can work within their constraints to provide the music of your dreams as you walk up the aisle.

We have experience with the acoustics and electrical systems at all of the local venues. We won’t blow the fuses and leave your reception in the dark. We also have remote electric available to provide entertainment at your outdoor event.

Western North Carolina Weddings
A collaborative group of vendors and venues offering wedding services throughout Western North Carolina. If you are planning a wedding in Western North Carolina, Western North Carolina Weddings is a first stop!

Sound Extreme is a Member of Palettes of Perfection
Asheville’s unique wedding and event planning resource.

We connect couples with event professionals and facilitate the networking and creative process. Palettes of Perfection reflects the comfortable meeting space of your living room with a professional quality that combines all the resources and references needed to plan an elegant and unforgettable event. We provide customized services to meet your expectations and the outcome is a relaxed and stress free planning experience.

Wedding & Event Locations:
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Venues for Private & Semi-Private Parties:

Event Coordinators & Wedding Planners:

We also enjoy working with these Wedding Service Providers:

Wedding & Event Pampering:
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We have provided entertainment in:

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